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There is nothing that compares to the excitement of bringing people together to share in the collective experience of live theater. Blue Fire Stage Company is such a gathering place . . . where creativity, collaboration, and education come together to enrich our community and make the arts accessible to all.

Our goals at BFSC are to produce exceptional performances and provide classes and workshops that teach skills in all areas of theatrical arts. We are especially excited to offer an apprenticeship program which will provide students with hands-on training from theater professionals in areas such as set design and construction, pit orchestra performance, stage management, and much more.

“Blue fire” was originally the name of a special effect used in Victorian theaters in which a mixture containing sulfur would be ignited to create an eerie blue glow on stage. The effect astonished audiences at the time, who had never seen anything like it before, hence "blue fire" came to be used to describe anything equally amazing or sensational, or that astounded an audience. (mentalfloss)

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